We first established our winery in 1968. My wife Nicki and I live in the beautiful hills of the Strathbogie Ranges overlooking the vines that grow our most famous wine, the Basilisk Shiraz Mourvedre.

Our Story

We oversee the day to day operations of our Central Victorian Winery and world class bottling facility.  I am very proud of our Chapter Three, Basilisk and McPherson Signature Range Wines, which are enjoyed by people in thirty six different countries.  I am now a grandfather to seven grandchildren, born to my daughters Alex and Catriona and son Angus. 

Both Alex and Angus have pursued careers in the wine industry; however the black sheep of the family, Catriona, is a corporate lawyer.  The Australian Wine Industry has played a major part in our family’s everyday life, and we have loved watching the industry grow from a cottage industry to a major player on the world wine stage.

Andrew McPherson.