About Us

Our Story

We are an independent, family owned winery making wines that are served in beautiful bars and restaurants around the globe.  Since our origin in 1968, we have steadily established ourselves as Australia’s least well known top twenty winery, happily enjoying our under the radar reputation as a quality, efficient and innovative winemaker for those in the know.

Our aim, with every wine we make, is to produce excellent, high quality wines combining the care and attention of a micro producer with the efficiencies of a major player.  This attention to detail and quest for perfection has seen us steadily attract like-minded partners across the globe, and allowed us to grow into the winery you see today.

Under the careful and considered guidance of our Winemaker Jo Nash, we make elegant, balanced, modern Australian wines with care and attention that is second to none. Our grapes are grown in Central Victoria and the Murray Darling, in vineyards bordered by the Goulburn or the Murray rivers or situated in the high altitude Strathbogie Ranges and the low lying Goulburn Valley.

We also source fruit from vineyards across Victoria by partnering in long term relationships with like-minded vignerons across the State.  From our beautiful high altitude vineyards in the Strathbogie Ranges through to our growers’ irrigated holdings along the mighty Murray River, we are on the hunt for perfection at every stage of the process, making decisions that pursue excellence from the vineyard to the bottle.

Our Winemaker, Jo Nash, makes every wine in our 700,000 dozen cases plus production each vintage.  She makes wines in 225 litre barrels and 100,000 litre tanks, using her incredible talent to make hand crafted, thoughtful and elegant wines at every level.  It is this ability to apply small batch techniques and care at every price point that sets us apart from the rest and makes our wines stand out in the crowd.

The diverse geography of our vineyards allows Jo to carefully select parcels for each of our wines using differences in the vineyard sites to bring elevated character and complexity, while always keeping our core values of balance and integrity central in every wine. Jo believes in exquisite balance, both in wine and in life, and it is this philosophy that she keeps front of mind in her hunt for perfection every vintage.

You won’t see us on billboards in Times Square or positioned front and centre in marketing campaigns across the media.
You’ll find us in a little bar in the East Village of NYC, where the sommelier recommends this fantastic bottle of Aussie Shiraz
that drinks like a wine triple its price, then pours you a glass while telling you about this brilliant Aussie winemaker that has won their heart.