Our Team

Meet The Crew

Here are a couple of our team members, it takes a village to make a wine so there are plenty more in the bunch that are not shown here. We are a tight knit crew who are all driven to produce excellence and have a few glasses of wine and a long lunch along the way.


Jo has been making wine with McPherson Wines for coming up to 20 years. She believes in the beauty of balance, both in life and in wine, which shines through in her elegant wines that we love to drink. #jonash

Jo Nash


Olivia’s joined the McPherson Team seven years ago. She works with Jo to guide the winery crew with expertise and energy that inspires us all. Her family is in South Africa, but she’s ours now and we’re keeping her.

Olivia Forbes


Louise has been working with McPherson Wines for 16 years. She is responsible for our key customer service, sales, brand development, marketing, social media and compliance. She likes wine a lot.

Louise Scanlan


Gary has worked with McPherson Wines for 24 years. In his role as GM, he oversees the team and is generally across everything that happens in the winery. Except when we don’t tell him. #donttellgary

Gary Williams




Lots of us will gather together tonight with friends, family and neighbours. We hope you find yourself surrounded by love. Happy holidays ❤️ photo credit Will Nash.
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🥳 We are super excited to get our hands on “Don't Tell Gary.” This Australian Shiraz Wine 14.5% ABV will be available in store and online very soon. That’s if the team don’t buy it all 😉. This Red Wine is a beautiful dark colour with black cherry, blueberry and mixed spice on the nose.  Hints of pepper and soft oak spice are beautifully integrated with blackberry fruits and medium bodied silky tannins.  In 2014, winemaker Jo Nash discovered an exceptional parcel of Shiraz from the Grampians which she gently crushed, then tucked away in some ridiculously expensive French oak barrels and aged for 12 months. Needless to say, McPherson’s accountant, Gary, didn’t know about Jo’s secret stash.  The Wine speaks for itself - minimal intervention, purity of fruit, Shiraz at its best.  #redwine #shiraz #wine #donttellgary #fruit #red #aged #australianshiraz #oak #aged #mcpherson #accountant #gary #frenchoak
Our amazing winery crew are heading off for a well earned break. They’ll be back next year going headlong in to V22. You couldn’t wish for a better bunch of people. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Our gorgeous La Vue Rose now available across the ditch @blackmarketnz. The perfect Summer Wine 💗
Melbourne is BACK! Get out and support our gorgeous restaurants. We’re loving the chicken schnitzel and coleslaw @citywineshop - if you haven’t tried it put it on your list. #thebest #supportlocal @cityofmelbourne #donttellgary #huntforperfection #bloodygoodwine #mcphersonwines
Cannot tell you how thrilled we are to have made @kara_irving ‘s good bunch of wines. As an independent winery you won’t find us in the chains so we’re often cruising along in the background. Thank you Kara for including us in your lockdown tasting. #bellaluna #nerodavola #huntforperfection #mcphersonwines #donttellgary
Be like Meg and celebrate everything with a delivery of wine! Use our code THANKS for 30% off and free delivery for dozens in Aus. #supportlocal #huntforperfection #donttellgary #auswine #buydirect #thankyou #lockdown #breakout photo credit @megpopple
Meanwhile our wines are travelling the globe. Here’s our Aquarius Marsanne Viognier living her best life at @restaurantmoustique #mcphersonwines #huntforperfection #aquarius #wineaustralia #womeninwine #regionalvictoria
Loving this beautiful shot of our #jonash #cabernet from the very talented @jingojohnson. Hooley Dooley awlright Adam! Jo has hit new heights with these lovely, balanced, elegant wines. #huntforperfection #mcphersonwines #supportlocal #wineaustralia #womeninwine #regionalvictoria
Monday burgers with @flindersandco beef and MWC Shiraz Mourvèdre. A perfect match right there! #mcphersonwines #jonash #donttellgary #huntforperfection #supportlocal #regionalvictoria #mwcshirazmouvedre
We love our community! Now more than ever, support your friends and neighbours and shop local. Thanks @okeefes.iga.seymour for your support. #jonash #huntforperfection #ingoodcompany #regionalvictoria #buylocal #wineaustralia