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We’ve partnered with the wonderful crew and Artisans of MSOI to bring you some beautiful Wine Gift Sets.

Perfect to spoil those you love or perhaps even treat yourself!

Each pack comprises of 2 bottles of McPherson Wines with an Australian hand crafted pillar candle and brass holder.
Made with love just like our wine.

Our Bubbly Personality & McPherson Family Alexandra are a perfect pair to celebrate festivities. Matched with a forest pillar candle and brass holder from our friends at MSOI.



Our wonderful La Vue Pinot Gris and Grenache Rose paired with a blush pillar candle and brass holder set will make any occasion or setting pretty.



Indulge with our elegant Jo Nash Shiraz & Pinot Noir perfectly paired with a natural pillar candle & beautiful brass holder. Just like our Jo it is sure to delight and inspire!



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Our pick this week is the MWC Pinot Noir.  This drop perfectly balances dishes like porcini mushroom risotto, rich pasta dishes or fine cheeses. We know what we're having for dinner tonight...  Shop the MWC Pinot Noir through our online shop today!  #mcphersonwine #australianwines #pinotnoir #winelovers #onlinewineshop #premiumwines #aussiewinelover #wine #winetime  #pinotnoirlover
Sneak peek of our new Bella Luna brand refresh! ✨  Talk about refreshing! The updated Bella Luna wine range showcases and pays homage to Italian heritage wine-making and varietals.  Keep an eye out for the new Bella Luna range.  That's Amore!  #mcphersonwine #australianwines #bellaluna #winelovers #onlinewineshop #wine #winelovers #winelover
McPherson Wine Cards  Today we're shining a light on Andrew's Shiraz, 2021, Victoria from McPherson Family Vineyard.  The grapes for this Shiraz were picked and crushed during the cool of night, thus ensuring the retention of varietal character, while modern winemaking techniques were employed throughout, all of which helped to create the signature McPherson style.  Varietal composition 100% Shiraz
Alcohol 14.5%
Winemaker Jo Nash  Shop the Andrew's Shiraz from McPherson Family Vineyard range on our website.  #mcphersonwinecards #mcphersonfamilyvineyard #frenchoak #shirazwine #winemaking #jowinemaker #winelovers #australianwine #shopwine #vineyardlife #winetasting #premiumwine
Last minute birthday present? Looking for a bridesmaids gift?  Brighten someone's day (or your own) with our Make My Day Pretty Pack.  Featuring our delightful La Vue Pinot Gris and Grenache Rosé, paired with a blush pillar candle and brass holder set, this pack is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.  #makemydayprettypack #lavuepinotgris #grenacherose #elegantgifts #wineandcandles #giftideas #winelovers #specialoccasions #giftpack #elegantsettings #winelover #winetasting #wine #winetime #wineoclock
A BIG Congratulations to our 4 lucky Winners of our recent 6 Pack - "Cast your vote Giveaway Promotion!" For Jones Cait, Greg Heini, Helen @ Suma Jewel & Cheryl @my-life-uncorked, a wonderful 6 pack of McPherson Wines will be heading your way, Cheers from the McPherson Wines Team. 🥂🍷😍  #mcphersonwines #australianwines #winelovers #winners  https://mcphersonwines.com.au/shop
This Aussie Shiraz is a Swedish favourite for a reason.  Pick up a bottle of Don't tell Gary and find out why it won GOLD at the International Wine Challenge for 2024!  A perfect winter wine to share with friends and fellow wine lovers!  Shop Gary on our online shop!  #donttellgary #aussiewine #swedishfavourite #awardwinningwine #winterwine #winelovers #selectivewinestores
Explore our MWC range.  Launched in 2014, MWC wines are crafted with a focus on food pairing. These wines feature soft, savoury, and earthy flavours with a European influence.  MWC wines are a perfect choice for those who appreciate great, honest wines.  Shop the MWC range on our website today!  #mwcwines #foodpairing #europeaninfluence #rusticwines #honestwines #winelover #wineenthusiast #winepairing #earthywines
Today we're spotlighting this delicious 2023 Pinot Noir from Jo Nash.  This special drop is made of fruit that was harvested from 15 year old vines from the Penbro Vineyard. The vineyard is situated in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range with the soils influenced by ironstone, clay and gravel - perfect for low yielding vineyards.  Varietal composition 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol 12.5%
Winemaker Jo Nash and Olivia Forbes  Shop Jo Nash Pinot Noir on our website.  #mcphersonwinecards #2023pinotnoir #jonash #greatdividingrange #pinotnoir #winemaking #winelover #shopwine #australianwine #winecollection #winecards #wineenthusiast
Do you have a favourite? Follow McPherson Wines & cast your vote for A or B in the comments & you could win a complimentary 6-pack of McPherson Wines. Hurry, this giveaway ends on 07/06/24!  There are 4 x 6-Packs up for grabs. T&Cs apply and are available on our website.
#mcphersonwines #australianwine #delicious #whatsyourpick #favourites
A perfect choice for those cool autumn nights, our Gold Award Winning Don’t tell Gary Shiraz, boasts flavours of black cherry, blueberry, and gentle oak spice.  Shop now,  just Don’t tell Gary……
#mcphersonwines #australianwine #delicious #global #shiraz #goldawards
Our Don’t tell Gary Shiraz is certainly flexing around the world!  Cheers to DtG on winning GOLD at the International Wine Challenge for 2024. Shop now to savour our award-winning Shiraz. 
 #mcphersonwines #australianwine #delicious #global  #shiraz #goldawards
We've got a Winner in the house! Let's give a big round of applause to Kim F from Vic for scoring big in our Mother's Day promotion! 🎉 Kim, you are about to experience some serious pampering with your shiny new Endota Spa Gift card worth a whopping $200!  We are spreading the joy even further with 5 lucky Winners who'll be rocking some serious Mother's Day swag. Picture this: a bottle of our exquisite Alexandra Chardonnay Pinot Noir paired with a super stylish limited-edition artist Endota carry bag. Talk about a treat for the senses! 🍷👜  Congratulations to M Krygger, Roger H, Doug G, Geraldine A and Simon H.  Here's Cheers to a Mother's Day filled with love, relaxation, and maybe just a hint of indulgence!  #mcphersonwines #australianwine #lovemum